Enter the world of W C Hill.

Australian inspired fantasy with a hint of science. Explore Pagui for a world outside of expectations.

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The World

East Verlese Tall
North Eastern Verlese


Called Pagui by the Doir, Phyrria by the Dragons, the world was born of daydreams and a lazy childhood.

A world where magic and technology co-exist, where history didn’t stop in the middle-ages, and where non-European continents dominate the setting, Pagui is waiting for you.


What’s New

Coming Soon

This month I’m working on a new folktale for the Tales page. It’ll be online August 2nd.

The Writer

sketch of a person with a scribbled out head
The Writer, a self portrait


W C Hill is a pseudonymous Australian writer.

As a child she entertained herself and her family with nonsense tales, which have grown over the years into an extended fantasy world. She now faces the task of distilling those rainy afternoon distractions into a cohesive body of work.