Once more I have done battle on your behalf, dear reader, beating back the gremlins to bring fresh content and aesthetics to the townspeople. By which I mean I’ve updated the site y’all.

Every page has gotten a polish with some added text and new images throughout, but more exciting is the launch of a new page! Tales has made its debut in anticipation of December’s folktale, and to accommodate its arrival I’ve re-shuffled the Stories directory to sort last years Short Stories from the incoming folklore. It’s all much neater.

Since all this organising is directly against my natural chaotic inclinations I’ve also added a “Random Page” button to the home page (and the footer) for those who like to dive into things without direction.


P.S. Very glad that I made all the big changes last night, because I just found out WE VOTED YES!! So for the second post in a row I’m celebrating, 78 million “yes” votes y’all!

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