Half way into the first month of 2018! I hope everyone has gotten past the residual New-Years gremlins and is ready to plunge headfirst into some fresh adventures.

Last night after a glass or three of wine I got the gumption to make a mailing list! It’s something that I’ve been thinking about and putting off for months now, but for some reason I, just didn’t. Until last night. I signed up with mailchimp and sorted out a sweet sign-up page and even a lil’ automated email to thank folks for joining.

This will be different to following my WordPress, like you lovely people do. Through the mailing list I’ll only be notifying people about publications, which will hopefully happen at some point this year (wish me luck y’all). Very minimal contact, I’m not keen to spam.

Click here to go to the sign-up page!

As for the rest of things, my monthly posts on here will continue as planned. Keep an eye out at the start of Feb for my first creature feature, where you’ll meet one of my monsters!

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