As February trundles on the summer haze here in Australia is tempting me to sleep away the sweltering days. But I can’t. There’s too much stuff to do!

One thing that I’ve already completed is my latest site update. The theme has been changed and the homepage in particular is looking flash! Very different to what it was before. It now includes some extra information about Pagui, my fantasy world, plus a “coming soon” section below my latest posts to keep everyone up to date with my plans. Best of all, I think, are the photo backgrounds for each section, featuring some of my own photography. Go have a look.

Still to do is the final write up of March’s recipe. Next month I’ll be sharing how to cook Pan-fried Neren fowl with fresh Arugula salad. This recipe first appeared in my short story Finding Peace, posted in October 2017, and is based off of one of my favourite dishes. Check back at the start of March to find it in the recipes directory.

In addition to that I have two short stories on the go, each at either end of the process as I plot one and wait for my critique partners to finish with the other. I’m always writing something!

Until next month,

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