Winter has arrived in force, and South East Queensland is collectively shivering.

This month I’ve been a little distracted by an event called “worldbuildingjune” over on tumblr. It involves daily posting about aspects of a fantasy world that one is developing, and each year I use it to expand my understanding of lesser know parts of Pagui. This year I’m working on Farnos, the ancestral home of Ishin from By The Forest’s Eaves.

I’m also planning a tasty recipe to share with you, my darlings, at the start of July. A delicious roast to tide us through winter sounds appropriate to me.

There’s also an extra addition to the site, an unplanned addition, in the works. I wont say much more, but it’s gonna be pretty!

And, as always, short stories are taking shape under my direction. Although the editing process is dragging longer than usual. To be expected I suppose.

Until next month,


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