Halfway through winter!

The end of June and start of July have been productive despite the chill, and I not only added another recipe at the start of the month, but a whole new feature. Galleries is now live, and lets y’all view collected images from across the site and from my own files.

I’ve plans to add more images, and will be posting more often as I add them. A weekly sketch post will begin this week, and the sketches will be uploaded to their own gallery. A lot of the sketches, which is to say, most of them, will be of Dragons. Because… Well because Dragons!

A folktale is currently in the works, to be added to the Tales page at the beginning of August. This will be the last folktale for the year.

My editing journey moves forward, and I’ve sent my current short story off to my primary reader for another round. After that, if he has no notes, it’ll be ready for the wider world 🙂 Always a happy day when we get to set our stories free.

Until next time,


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