Weekly sketch and a short update.

The weekly sketch is here! Another Dragon for your viewing pleasure, and this one also needs a name!

dragon3To suggest a name for this delightful Dragon just comment below. Or you can email me at wchwriter(@)gmail.com

The name, as chosen by me from your suggestions, will be announced on Monday. You can also view this unnamed Dragon in the Dragons Gallery, alongside Frank and Derek.

In other news, this week I opened a merch shop! Surprise! It’s through Threadless and currently has a handful of designs, including some in-world constellations and some Dragons. I’ll be adding more through the coming weeks.

I was planning on launching it next month, but my financial situation got a bit hairy this week and I figured I should try to monetise my creative efforts sooner rather than later. To that end I also made a Ko-fi account, for those kind and sexy people who would (perhaps) want to buy me a coffee. A link for that is now in my footer as well.

Anyway! Let me know what you think this lovely Dragon should be called 😀

‘Til next time,


threadless | ko-fi

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