Happy August, friends! The weather is warming up, and I’ve been gardening so I’m feeling good 🙂

As promised I’ve been posting weekly sketches, and thus far they’ve all been Dragons. I did mention that’d probably be how it goes, at least for a while. I am starting to get notions about mixing it up though, so stay tuned.

Since my last update post, in mid-July, I’ve made some changes. Firstly, I opened a Threadless shop, where I can hawk my humble wares. My artwork, maps, and sketches, on products from t-shirts to mugs to duvet covers.

I’ve also signed up to Ko-fi, so that kindly folks may easily make small donations.

Writing progresses as always, and I’ve started a new short story! This will be the third that has Rosa as the protagonist, and is yet again a cross-genre fantasy-crime story. Meanwhile the first story in that short series is nearing the end of its editing journey.

This month I’m also working on a Recipe to share, another seafood dish me thinks 🙂

Until next,

Threadless | Ko-fi

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