Mid-October means mid-spring by local reckoning, but it feels more wintry at the moment. A week of rain has dropped the temperature and driven everyone back into their knitwear, only so recently set aside.

At least I know that my gardens are loving it, though the weeding that I’ll have to do when this stormy weather blows itself out is gonna be extensive.

Posting, both here and on my other social medias, has fallen off a little this month, as (rather boring) personal life stuff has taken most of my attention and social energy. Despite that I’ve been participating in Inktober, and the writer’s variant Jot-ober, so I’ve been drawing even if I haven’t been sharing of a Friday. Typically I write for the prompt first, then draw based off of what I’ve written. The stories, flash fiction pieces, can be found over on my tumblr under the “inktober” tag.

I am about a week behind on the daily prompts, but, you know, life. I’ll include the pictures thus far at the bottom of this post for anyone who wants a peek at my hastily scrawled pen sketches.

Writing also took a slight backseat to life thus far this month. Like, I’ve been writing, but in ten minute bursts between other tasks. Probably not my best work. Editing will be fun.

There’s also, of course, a new recipe in the works for y’all to try. Come November I’ll be posting it, and so wrapping up my slightly-out-of-whack writing year. What will December bring? I have no idea!

‘Til next

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