Ah, that in-between time of my writing year. The previous schedule is completed, and a new project looms ever closer.

Because I started doing these yearly projects in December of 2016, December remains the first month of my year. I guess you could say I get a jump on the whole new-years thing. Anyway, the first half of November has been dedicated to brainstorming what I want to do through 2019. Another year of stories? A mish mash of bits and pieces like last year? A whole year of folklore?

Not quite. This year I’ll be doing up a travel guide to Pagui. Focusing on a different location every month I’ll share with y’all the ins and outs of traveling through my fantasy world. It’s an idea I had a while ago, except I wasn’t sure how to go about, but this year I figure I’ll just dive in and sort it out as I go.

We’ll be starting with Carmine City, the setting for the twelve short stories still available for free on my website.

As I only came to this decision yesterday, I haven’t got any pretty extras to add to the galleries just yet. My motivation for visual works may improve as spring comes to a close, there’s definitely enough flowers around to inspire.

That’s about it for this month, hope everyone’s having a great November (and to everyone doing Nano, good luck!).

‘Til next,

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