Visual Prompt, December

I tried to post this last night, but either the site or my computer wouldn’t let me. Who knows. But let’s try this again…

It’s the beginning of a new writing year my friends, and that means a new monthly project. In order to lower stress and to give myself more time this year I’ve set a very easy goal. I’ll be sharing a visual prompt each month, typically my own photography, and writing a short response inspired by the image.
But there’s more! I’m opening these prompts up to everyone who wants to use them to inspire their own writing. Share your own responses with the tag #wch20 (Or tag me personally in the posts) and I’ll come check them out! Looking forward to seeing what others come up with.


She makes her way up the slight incline, knees creaking with age. The tree waits for her and waves like an old friend in greeting. It had overlooked the farm through her youth, watching as she’d left for a life in the city and when she’d brought friends home for holidays. It hadn’t said anything when she never brought home a partner or children, unlike some others in the neighbourhood. Always it offered her shade and its fresh smell of warm chlorophyll.
She rests beneath its aged boughs, breathing heavily and leaning against the smooth trunk of her old friend.The farm that she had inherited and the valley beyond spread out below her. She should bring a bench up here, to sit and look over the familiar vista. With a cup of tea.

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