Visual Prompt, January

Time for the second prompt in this project. Each month I’ll be posting a new visual prompt and a written response to it. Share your own responses with the tag #wch20 (Or tag me personally in the posts) and I’ll come check them out! Looking forward to seeing what others come up with.




She watched as the snail made a trail across the tabletop, slime shining in the morning sun. In another hour a nurse would come to check on her, and to carry her back inside to the cushioned sick room in which she’d languished for the past month. An hour after that a doctor would come by the house to ask her the same questions as yesterday, then she’d be served lunch. It would probably be a thin soup.

Dull pain in her back reminded her not to move suddenly, or to twist in certain ways, even though her leg was itching and she longed to get up and walk under the spring blossoming trees. The snail paused as it reached a dropped leaf. Laughter drifted over the garden wall and the children next door enjoyed their own lawn. The previous summer she had considered taking a position as their governess, but mother had protested. Instead she’d been sent abroad.

A heavy sigh lifted her thin chest as she watched the snail resume its journey.

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