Visual Prompt, February

It has been an intense month over here and it’s hard to believe that it’s actually February. January seemed to last longer than it’s usually allowed to.

But moving on! It’s February the second and time for another prompt. For anyone just catching up now every month I’m sharing a visual prompt for everyone and anyone to use to inspire their writing. My own inspired response is included below the image.

If you want to share your own response just use the tag #wch20 or tag me personally in your post.




Cicadas screamed in the nearby trees as a woman walked through the walled garden. A broad hat shielded her face from the midday sun, dark glasses covered her eyes.

Small dark bees circled the flower strewn beds, pilfering pollen from the tomato and mustard blooms as they hummed their strange songs. The gate creaked. A breeze chased the few fallen leaves across the hillside beyond the wall, threatening to steal her hat as she followed a thin dirt track toward the gully.

Acacias crowded beneath a handful of ancient eucalypts, all trying to claim space on the banks of a thin creek. Tough sharp grasses held their ground wherever they could.

Patchy and at times indistinct, the track wound through the scrub. Small puffs of wind cooled the sweat on her neck as she walked through the hottest part of the day.

It was nearly sunset by the time she arrived.

The thin creek had grown into a deep silent stream, which flowed into a small lake. He waited on the shore.

Dressed similarly in dark colours with a wide hat shadowing his face, he watched the tree line. Luminous fungi was beginning to glow beneath the trees but he was just out of reach of its light, standing amongst the deep shadows cast by the lake. A shiver moved him as she stepped into the open.

Tension stretched taught between them as she approached. Without a word they circled each other, stepping in and out of the shadows and the light.

His hand twitched but hers was faster. Moving with fluid savagery she pointed to his chest, eyes alight with power and triumph. Colourless and soundless and entirely undetectable except for the tingle it sent down her spine, an energy leapt from her outstretched finger to his heart.

He collapsed.

Cicadas screamed in the surrounding trees as a woman walked along a thin dirt track, her path lit by glowing mushrooms.

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