Foam Point

Foam Point

Population: 39,170
Official Language: Berlon
Climate: Temperate
Dominant Magic Form: Incantation/Spoken Spells

Foam Point is the only major city in the diminutive West Thraetian principality of the same name. Once a holding of the Berlonck Empire it achieved independence in 1027 P.R.R. and has since flourished.

Built around the ancestral castle of its ruling house, the modern city of Foam Point has sprawled across the narrow peninsula on which it sits. This gives it ports facing both the open sea and within the inlet between it an the main land. As such, Foam Point has one of the largest fishing fleets of the coastal Thraetian regions.

A popular tourist destination, particularly for its inland neighbours, Foam Point is most popular in the summer when a visit to the seaside is most appealing. It has a variety of accommodation and entertainment options to satisfy a wide variety of tastes, including the longest continually operating Giant Wheel in all of West Thraet.

Where to stay:

The Palace E Sunset is situated close to the Foam Point Castle at the centre of town. Catering to the upper class and foreign dignitaries, a room there comes with a hefty price point, and all of the luxuries that entails. For those of us with tighter purse strings there’s The Barnacle. Surprisingly not a dockside establishment, The Barnacle sits at the southern edge of the nightmarket, convenient for anyone looking for the cheaper bars and restaurants.

What to do/eat/see: 

  • Giant Wheel – An ancient contraption that we’re assured is safe, the Foam Point Giant Wheel sits by the coast with beautiful views of both the city and the sea. Patronised by locals and visitors alike the Giant Wheel is a must visit for anyone with a taste for antique machinery and scenic outlooks.
  • Castle Tours – The Foam Point castle is a national landmark, and daily tours take guests through the royal residence. Some days have larger groups than others, so call before hand to arrange a place.
  • Rhyte Art Gallery – Founded by the ruling family of Foam Point shortly after the principality achieved independence, the Rhyte Art Gallery houses some of the world’s renowned artistic works. From Grigot Dkolin’s Imp series to the sculptures of local artist Ferr Oto, this sprawling gallery is large enough to devote a full day of wandering, so plan accordingly.
  • Day trip to Wet Rock – Wet Rock is a small village at the very tip of the Foam Point peninsula. A scenic fishing village with one restaurant that also serves as a bar and cafe, Wet Rock offers a far more rural experience than the capital while being easy traveling distance from your hotel.
  • Sea Spray Bar and Restaurant – At the north eastern edge of town, overlooking the choppy inlet between the peninsula and the Thraetian mainland, is arguably the best restaurant in town. Drawing on culinary traditions of the greater West Thraet region Sea Spray specialises in seafood, which is in abundant supply. Dishes both complicated and simple are served to the crowds who flock to this restaurant, and the cocktail bar will make you everything from a gin and tonic to a Pyphytic Venom Spritz. The view of foamy waves within the inlet is the icing on the cake.

How to get there: 

Trains and buses run direct from as far away as The Grey Hills, while passenger liners dock at Foam Point at least once a week.