LalindPopulation: 409,000
Official Language: High Emmurian
Dominant Magic System: Unknown

Lalind was the first Emmurian city to be opened to the rest of the world after their period of reclusion. It is a trading port with a strong mercantile tradition, and remains the most common destination for foreigners within that country.

Founded just before Emmure re-entered the global society, Lalind is a new city by Emmurian standards. It was constructed to provide a gateway between Emmure and the external world. Planned as a trading centre the city in built around four large market squares, two of which are accessible directly from the docks.

Lalind features an austere building style, as the Emmurians were initially unwilling to share much of their deeper culture with visiting outsiders. As such the city has little in the way of tourist features, even today.

Where to stay:

Naa’ina’s House, situated on the waterfront, is easily accessible and welcoming to all peoples. The in house restaurant caters to most common cuisines, but they also offer a variety of local dishes.
Originally built as accommodation for foreign ambassadors, the Gilt Inn is centrally located. Heavily defended behind high stone walls it offers privacy and security to the conscious traveler.

What to do/eat/see:

  • Markets – The four grand markets of Lalind offer all of the delights of the world. If you want exotic treasures or a variety of seafood at affordable prices visit the waterside markets. If instead you want to shop for Emmurian specialties you will want to take a look at the central markets, where traders from inland often sell their wares.
  • The Northern End – A region to the north of the city proper, the Northern End was built later to provide a small pleasure district for visitors and locals. Dotted with parks and small restaurants, this is where you may occasionally find street performers and other forms of organised entertainment.
  • Beaches – Although the Emmurians themselves don’t have a strong beach going tradition, Lalind is on the coast and thus has access to several. Largely ignored and untouched by the local populace the beaches here have a wild beauty to them. Be warned that life guards do not exist here.
  • Architecture – The brutalist building style that dominates Lalind is softened by generations of green growth that in some places almost covers the buildings. Vines abound in the sub-tropical city, and have managed to climb up even the highest of towers. These features give the city a very unique feeling, and it’s well worth a wander through the streets to take it in.

How to get there:

The only guaranteed rout to Lalind is via passenger ship from the Farnos Islands. Boats from elsewhere, such as Pezee or De’Noi will occasionally visit Lalind, but these often have to be booked special so they cost more.