LarleshPopulation: 210,050
Official Language: Pelek
Climate: Tropical
Dominant Magic Form: Song Spells

Larlesh is the Capital city of the Pel people of both Lahtavin and the Seshawa Islands.

Large stone foundations raise Larlesh from the waters of the surrounding swampland, forming broad platforms with solid stone buildings at their centres. Between these foundations run broad water channels, plied by the watercraft of the locals. High-set foot bridges cross these channels to allow pedestrians to stroll throughout the city.

The city is the central point of the Pel school system, whose students travel from school to school in order to receive a full education. As such, the population of Larlesh swells when the scholars return for the yearly graduation ceremony.

Known to some as “Swamp City”, it is also the seasonal home of many traveling traders and performers. These people flock to Larlesh for the Lahtavin New Year, when they build colourful and festive tents and lean-to’s on the open stone platforms. Thebright but flimsy constructions are not built to withstand the yearly rain storms, and are taken down before the wet season.

Where to stay:

If you’re a student of any type you can find free and comfortable lodging through the school system. If not, Trapper’s Rest on the northern edge of town is cheap and safe, if a little sparse. For greater comfort try The Keppo, located close to the city centre. There for a higher price you can hire a well furnished room convenient to restaurants and public transport.

What to do/eat/see:

  • Wildlife Tours – The swamplands around Larlesh are home to a variety of fascinating and unique fauna and flora. Tours specialising in everything from birdwatching to fungi hunting operate daily.
  • Street Performers – Magic and music are intertwined in local tradition, and entertaining displays of both can be found all around Larlesh.
  • Fishing and Hunting – Fishing boats ply the waters surrounding the city. Be sure to go out with a professional to help you to identify the many toxic species.
    If you happen to visit in the weeks leading up to Lahtavin New Year, you can pay to join the yearly Keppo hunt. Only at this time are the large marsupials hunted, for the New Year’s feast.
  • Local Cuisine – The abundant endemic flora and fauna of the region has given rise to a unique local cuisine. Commonly centred around fish and fungi, foreigners are cautioned to take care when ordering, as some of the fungi used in cooking can be mildly hallucinogenic.
  • Lahtavin New Year – In the middle of the dry season the Pel celebrate the New Year, which also corresponds with their settling in Lahtavin during ancient times. The festival is observed through feasting and musical performance.

How to get there:

Trains from Tenibaru stop at the southern end of the Lahtavin swamp. From there daily ferries carry passengers to Larlesh. If you’re coming from the Seshawa Islands you will have to charter a boat to carry you into the swamp.