LaxamaPopulation: 617,100
Official Language: Common Laxam
Climate: Temperate
Dominant Magic Form: Potions/Brewery

Laxama is a wealthy city-state. Situated at the base of Mt Etran in Central Thraet it has been a trading crossroads since ancient times. Once the capital of a vast empire, much of Laxama’s territory was lost to neighbouring nations, civil unrest, and secessionist nobles and land holders. Despite this it remains self-sufficient and politically powerful.

As a centre for trade Laxama is also a cultural hub, a melting pot for the many peoples of Thraet who came to stride its streets. Traditions from a vast array of backgrounds are observed, along with many unique homegrown variants.

Where to stay:

Laxama is a city used to accommodating travelers, and you will find a variety of lodgings to suit every budget and personal preference. The Pauper’s Palace is of deceptively high quality despite its name and low price point. Of particular value is the Royal Suit although such is its reputation and popularity that one must book it months in advance.
If you’ve more money and place value on privacy, there’s also a place for you. Simply named The House, and resting on a quiet backstreet, it serves as temporary residence for the social elite. In the lobby you may spot a famous face or two, but are cautioned not to make a fuss. Offending this custom is a sure way to have your reservation cancelled and your name added to “the list”.

What to do/eat/see:

  • Live Entertainment – Whether you prefer plays, acrobats, or musical acts, the entertainment district known as The Gardens will have something for you.
  • Restaurants – Within The Gardens is also a wide variety of eateries with cuisines from all over the world. Of particular delight are the places that specialise in local cuisine.
  • Horse Riding – If you prefer more active entertainments, or simply wish to get out of town for a while, there are several companies offering horse riding trips across the plains.
  • Museums – With exhibits from the glory days of the empire, as well as from those former subordinate nations. If art museums are more to your liking, Laxama has several focusing on both local and foreign art styles.

How to get there:

Laxama can be reached by river barge from both up- and down-stream. Train lines from east, west, and northern Thraet run through the city, while highways carry traffic in all directions.