PezeePopulation: 506,700
Official language: Hanavare
Climate: Chaparral
Dominant Magic Form: Herbalism

Founded by the Hanavie Empire in ancient times, Pezee sits on the rugged Rouv Coast overlooking the joining of the Straights of Sumbartu and the Bay of Ulsu. Like many of the cities of the greater Emni region, Pezee is an independent city-state and a thriving trade hub. it is also the last place that ships unwilling to fight their way through the Straights of Sumbartu have to stop, thus avoiding the powerful currents with their deadly reputation.

Many well traversed paths lead down the steep coast from the city’s walls to the docks at the waters edge. However, upon sundown everyone retreats behind the walls. Reports of shades and spirits haunting the waters have persisted since antiquity, and are taken as truth by the locals.

Where to stay:

The Esha has some of the best views in the city. The attached restaurant and bar overlook the bay below for the perfect sunset drinks.
Georna’s House is situated in the city centre, easy walking distance from the most popular bars, restaurants, and play houses.

What to do/eat/see:

  • Boating – Long summer days draw the people of Pezee down to the bay, where a veritable fleet of boats ply the calm coastal waters well away from the currents of the Straights.
  • Beaches – Tucked below the high cliffs are many small beaches with golden sand, turquoise waves, and brightly coloured crustaceans.
  • Cooking Classes – With access to all of the fine seafood from the Bay, Pezee has some fantastic local cuisine. Visitors can learn the secrets of local cooks by enrolling in any number of popular culinary courses.
  • Hiking – The Rouv Coast in replete with breathtaking views. You can follow many well signed tracks just outside Pezee, or hire a local guide to show you some of the more secluded spots.
  • Veroue – One of the world’s most famous and well regarded restaurants; many people visit Pezee just to eat here. Reservations frequently have to be made over a year in advance, so be prepared.

How to get there:

Boats from the Farnos Islands put out daily, except on religious holidays. One can also sail from Emmure, but as fewer passenger ships travel from there be sure to organise passage in advance. Pezee is not connected to the Greater Thraetian Rail Network, however you can find buses from inland fairly easily, or hire a car.
Only those willing to lay their lives in the hand of the Gods sail down the Straights of Sumbartu, and this form of travel is not recommended.