Population: 300,907
Official Language: Nianai Farnosian
Climate: Chaparral
Dominant Magic Form: Plant-Lore


The capital city of Farnos, Reann lies between the stony southern peninsulas of Ireos Island, the largest island in the archipelago. Farnos is mainly a nation of islands, with only a small section of the West Thraetian main-land included within its territory. As such, the ocean features heavily in local art, consciousness, and religion.

Despite modern times of peace the islands of Farnos have a long history of conflict with each other as well as outsiders. Travelers are advised not to bring up past grievances, or risk re-igniting ancient fires.

The islands in general, Ireos and Reann in particular, are home to a large population of ex-pat Emmuri, cousins to the Tulan who inhabit Verlese. These people have added their own traditions and practices to the local scene, which can be best appreciated with a trip to little-Lalind in downtown Reann.

Where to stay:

For travelers on a budget The Barracks provide a comfortable night’s accommodation. An ex-military housing building it has been renovated, with modern comforts added since its days of service.
Beach and City is a more modern hotel with a higher price tag, situated on the higher ground to the east of town. For those willing to pay a bit more it offers stunning views over the city and the bay beyond, while the rooftop bar serves some of the best cocktails in town.

What to do/eat/see:

  • Live Theatre – Both indoor and outdoor theatres dot the city, with shows throughout the days and evenings. Stories both historical and fictional are brought to life on Reann’s many stages, and if you’re willing to pay for one of the fancier theatres you will see some of the world’s best performers from acrobats to musicians.
    Street Theatre is also common in Reann, so even if you skip the established venues there’s no avoiding the tradition entirely.
  • Architecture – Reann is home to some of the oldest and best preserved decroative architecture in the world. Sculpture is a regional speciality, and nooks within most major buildings house lifelike carvings of historical figures as well as those from myth.
  • Stony Heights Winery – Just outside of town and available for day trips and dinner bookings is Stony Heights Winery. In operation for over eight hundred years the winery still uses antique equipment in their wine production, and their immaculate grounds make for picturesque wandering and picnicking.
  • Ireosian War Memorial – A tribute to the wars that once ravaged the region, the Ireosian War Memorial occupies the middle section of the Reann docks, and makes for an unforgettable sight. Over a hundred statues, scaled up to one and a half times natural size, depict two groups of warriors mid-fight and spread over the boardwalks, pavement, and even climbing from the sea. Assorted helmets and weaponry lie abandoned on the ground around the figures, and without these identifiers it’s impossible to tell which of the ancient warring tribes the individual statues are fighting for.
  • Festivals and Local Holidays – All Farnosians celebrate a vast array of holidays and anniversaries, and the people of Reann are no exception. There are the big seasonal celebrations in Spring and Autumn, which are worth being in town for, as well as the twice monthly celebrations of the lunar cycle as both new and full moons are revered. The anniversary of the unification of Farnos is celebrated across all of the islands, and Ireosians celebrate the day their people took Ireos Island from the previous inhabitants. In addition to all of that their are daily and weekly religious observances, some small and sedate, many loud and exuberant.

farnos-territoryHow to get there:

Boats from the mainland Farnosian territories leave for Reann daily. Passengers may also book space on cargo ships from Emmure’s ports. The occasional cruise ship stops in Farnos, although you may have to find further passage from the outer isles to Ireos and Reann.