The Shifting Market

not availablePopulation: N/A
Official Language: N/A
Climate: Arid
Dominant Magic System: N/A

The origins of the Shifting Market are often debated and the truth of the matter remains unknown. It functions as an inter-dimensional trading place for people from all over the world to meet and trade their goods without having to travel between their countries. It has also been proposed that peoples from other worlds frequent the Shifting Market, but these claims remain unsubstantiated.

The Shifting Market is accessed through points commonly called “rips”. Some of these are well known and are signed and maintained, while others are only known to those who have frequent business in the market. Unstable rips have been known to form, shift, and collapse spontaneously, however Market management maintains that even the unstable rips are perfectly safe.

Where to stay:

There is no accommodation available within the Shifting Market. Some traders will sleep within their stalls, however the Market remains open and active throughout the night and is not typically peaceful. Most vendors sleep elsewhere.

Stalls of note:

  • Hamara Eats – A large eatery located at the centre of the main food court, Hamara Eats is one of the oldest and well known food stalls within the Market. Founded when the Market was first opened this eatery has been passed down through the same family for generations. Specialising in Siska cuisine, the traditional foods of the large sapient arachnid species to which the proprietors belong, Hamara Eats are also purveyors of fine Emmuri, Mari Lequa, Jojan, and Human traditional recipes.
  • Portable Jungle – It is often claimed that one can find any plant in the world if they shop at the Portable Jungle. Taking up more space than any other individual stall this shop is a maze of pathways weaving between potted plants of all varieties. Arranged by region one can walk from avenues lined with Verlesian forest plants through Aran jungles and Fassieh arid zone cacti.
  • Second Life – A second hand shop that sources its wares from all over the world, Second Life has a mind-boggling range of clothing for peoples of all sizes, shapes, and diverse body parts. The pre-owned clothing offered for sale at this stall is all of the highest quality and is studiously curated by the dedicated Tulan proprietors.
  • World Colours – Sellers of the highest grade magically collected pigments which are  infused with sunlight and naturally occurring colours through alchemical processes. Highly sought after by artists of all types, these pigments make the finest paints and are only sold at a handful of locations throughout the world. World Colours boasts the widest range, collected from everywhere from Carmine City to the mangrove swamps of Verrogar.
  • Literati – Combining a book shop with a reading club which has members benefits, Literati is world famous among bibliophiles and academics. With a wide range of books both new and used already in stock, through use of the reader’s club Literati can source almost any extant text from throughout the world.

How to get there:

Unless you live in a city with a publicly available rip, you will need to be taken to the Shifting Market by someone who has been there before and knows where to go. The process of stepping through the rip can be stressful on the body, and the guides at the public access rips will help you to prepare yourself. If journeying with someone else be sure to address the topic with them before you leave.